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I looked up at him and I was taken aback by this handsome straight guys hand out waiting for my ticket. Specifically as they don’t know about my own small secret. Effectively its not so little truly. “Oh dear”, i stated in mock panic, I appear to have lost my purse. My ticket isn’t here’

He rolled his eyes and mentioned I must get one. I fluttered my lashes at this strapping 6 foot 1 straight guy and moved forward on my seat to give him a far better view of my tingling chest. This man was creating me really feel excited and on fire. I wanted him and I was going to have him! He was taking a look at my tits and his eyes widened. I uncrossed my long legs and crossed them once more on the opposite side like Sharon stone. Then pulled 1 leg up ever so slowly so my heels traced the outline of my silky smooth shin. I put my hand in between my legs and stated ,’I’m confident we can work a thing out’

He looked flustered at my naughty words and then went red in the face. He composed himself then and said ‘No, sorry miss but in the event you don’t have a ticket you’ll must get off next station.’ He then turned round and I mentioned to him ‘I often stay the full journey when I ride honey. Don’t be lengthy.’ Then I actually got a bit nervous as he walked off. Perhaps he was going to alert the train station to arrest me for not getting a ticket. I sat with butterflies for about 10 minutes as we whizzed past the countryside. I was nonetheless so horny although imagining getting the hot inspector next to me now. Pleasuring me with his lips all more than my physique ,and powerful hands sliding more than my skin. I closed my eyes and let my fantasy play in my mind. I was so carried away that I did not even notice the inspector come back in and stand in front of me. He coughed and I jumped with shock. Then I smiled as I noticed he had a enormous raging rock hard cock sticking out of his uniform trousers.

He was shaking. I looked behind me at the old lady at the back in the carriage, she was sleeping. I smiled to myself feeling extremely naughty. I pulled the inspector to me and open my mouth adequate to take within the enormous head on this throbbing hot cock. It tasted delicious. My tongue flicked more than his head and he moaned with delight as i took him slowly into my mouth. I had the complete head inside and felt so soft but throbbed challenging.